March… March was the last time I wrote a blog post. That’s kind of sad. I didn’t used to understand how people could go through months at a time without blogging or without talking to me, but I do now. Seasons of life come and go… some of which are much more intense than others. This season has been one of those intense ones. Following Jesus is not for the faint of heart… nor is the School of Discipleship. Yet God is faithful… and even (and sometimes especially) in those in between, seemingly silent times, He is working.

Sometimes it takes the deepest wounds for Him to do the deepest works. I don’t understand why He chooses to do things the way He does, sometimes, but He doesn’t ask us to understand; He asks us to trust, and obey. So how am I living that out? Sometimes not so well. This anxiety that creeps up unannounced loves to take any opportunity to pounce. I must be active in my pursing of God and of the things of God… it doesn’t happen by accident. I am glad, though, that the Lord has given me this opportunity to be in a place where I am reminded of truths like that often(like in class this morning).

Why is this a season of change and many things outside of my comfort zone? Will it ever not be a season of change? I know not. But I don’t have to know. God has chosen this for me, and that is enough. That should be more than enough.