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1) Kelise Plante — To Find You or free sampler on Noisetrade:
I am SO EXCITED about this album. I just bought it this week, and I love it already!! You may remember her from the sampler I sent out quite a while ago, but this time it’s a full album!!! Her voice reminds me of a mixture between Bethany Dillon, Latifah Phillips, and her own magic.

“Kelsie Plante is a Canadian worship leader and songwriter who is currently working full time with refugees and displaced families in the Middle East.” “Her debut album “To Find You”  is a collection of songs written over the past 6 years through her travels and work overseas with people in areas of poverty and war, as she saw God’s goodness in the midst of chaos and brokenness.” —

Already these songs have been speaking powerfully into the season of life that the Lord has me in right now. I pray that they are an encouragement to you also!!

Recommended listening: To Find You (My favorite by far), Through the Walls, To the Fatherless

2) October Wedding — Sabbath <—free on Noisetrade
This album is just cool. Like, really cool. It’s got some sweet guitar, cello, banjo, and beautiful voices, not to mention that it’s a concept album about rest and redemption! They remind me a little bot of The Oh Hellos, except that their music is totally about Jesus.

On their Noisetrade page, they included this quote from St. Augustine: “Thou hast made us for thyself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they find their rest in thee.” It’s interesting to me that this quote has been the inspiration for a couple of different songs (All Sons and Daughters, Audrey Assad) that have come to my attention lately, and I don’t think it’s just a coincidence, you know?

“On this journey, I’ve at times walked roads of restlessness. Through it all, peace has found me. A rest that is bigger than the struggle. If your heart’s been restless, I hope this makes you believe again that God is real.” – David (From their Noisetrade page)

Recommended listening: Sabbath, This Is Your Breath, Leper Song

3) Seeker & Servant — Sojourner or free on Noisetrade:
If you’ve been getting my hipster album of the month emails, then you’ve definitely heard of Seeker & Servant before. If not, you should check out all of their music!!! I’ve had the privilege to meet them, and they are so sincere and real, as well as goofy and hilarious (see their lyric video for their new song Heart Change). They are brothers, and have such a beautiful heart for the Lord, and it really comes through their music.

“This 4-Song EP deals with our journey over the past couple years of Christ sanctifying us and enlightening the eyes of our heart to sins in our life and the truth of His never changing word. Our hope is that through these 4 songs you will be stirred to look to Christ alone and rest in Him.” —Seeker & Servant

Recommended listening: Sovereign Hands, Heart Change, Make It Known

4) Hillsong Worship — Let There Be Light
The most recent Hillsong Worship album. They release one every year, and this year’s album is just very Hillsong-ey, in a good way. They’ve returned to some of their older musical roots, but are still writing excellent new worship songs! I haven’t listened to this album a ton yet, but so far it’s really uplifting and well made. If anything, Hillsong just keeps getting better!

Recommended listening: Let There Be Light, What A Beautiful Name, In Control


Happy listening!