Photo by Andre Benz

Japan. Land of wonder and ingenuity and creativity.

The Japanese people have a very aesthetic culture. They love things that are beautiful and fashionable, and well designed. The way they live portrays this.  Art is appreciated in Japan, and is a deep part of their culture, heritage, and future. They take art very seriously.

Tokyo, Japan is a modern, thriving city. Yet, there is a void. There are problems. Suicide is high. There is heavy pressure in the work place. Heavy pressure in education. The virtual world has replaced so many real life relationships.

What do you do for someone who has everything, but still lacks? What do you give someone who is excelling on the outside, but dying on the inside?


Photo by Eutah Mizushima


You give them hope.

You give them a reason to be alive, a reason to fight, a reason to create, a reason to breathe.

And I want to share with the people of Japan the reason why I have hope.

I want to see the people of Japan encounter God. Because in His presence is fullness of joy, is life and light and hope! And I believe that God wants to reach the people of Japan in limitlessly creative ways. He knows the things that they love, and He created art and the ways they are artistic anyway. That’s why I’m excited to go into this trip with my art together with the Holy Spirit, and help people encounter Jesus– the giver of all hope.

I’ll be in Japan for about three weeks, from November 14th to December 9th. Two other staff members are going with me, and we will be partnering with a local YWAM base to do ministry in Tokyo.

I already have my plane tickets, praise God! However, I still need to raise about $500 to cover the costs of housing, food, and transportation. Would you consider giving toward my trip?

You can give here:

Thank you for partnering with me to bring hope to Japan. Even if just one person is impacted, it is worth it.


Photo by Andre Benz