Once upon a time I sent out these hipster album of the month emails. Well, I can’t promise that I’m starting again, but here’s some music for this month.February

melancholy, thoughtful, poetic. Those vocals!!
good processing music. Resounds to me right now because of all the travelling I’ve been doing and long distance.
Good to listen on a rainy day when you can sit next to the window and think. Was a recent discovery on Noisetrade. 🙂
Recommended Track: Where Have You Been
If you’re not familiar with Levv, you’re still probably familiar with one of the artists, Audrey Assad. This is her indie project. 🙂 This album is full of soaring vocals, a unique blend of pop with indie, and thoughtful lyrics. I’m currently stuck on this album.
Recommended Track: Arrow
Hopefully most of you, if not all of you, have listened to this album. If not, you need to listen to it!!! So good.
Recommended Tracks: Wonder, So Will I
4) Brian and Jenn Johnson – After All These Years
This album is so beautiful. The music style is different than your typical Bethel style, and I like it. More melancholy, with lots of violins and full of feeling. It was written out of years of experience and yet still full of hope… because after all these years, Jesus is still faithful. This album has ministered to me a lot.
Recommended Tracks: You’re Gonna Be Ok, Only Jesus