Well, I live in a new state now. In a new house. With new people. And with a new job (hopefully).

This morning I was sitting in the living room (which has the cutest cactus chairs, btw) and Mozzle, the cat, decided to keep me company. She is like an old grandma cat, except she’s pretty small so she looks like a really cute teenage cat. But she’s definitely a grouchy old lady cat. So we call her the baby grandma sometimes. 🙂

I’m not used to living with cats. It’s my roommate’s cat, so she’s not mine, but I guess in a way I’m hers, since I live in her house! I was trying to read my Bible in the living room, and she sat near me and meowed and meowed until I paid attention to her. I’ve been learning that she is just kind of lonely, and wants companionship and love. And while at first I was a bit annoyed because I wanted to be alone, I appreciate her presence. Companionship is valuable, even when there’s cat hair all over my socks.

This has been such a strange year of transition. I never imagined I would move across the entire United States this summer, but I love the Pacific Northwest. A lot.

And now I’m stepping into a season when I am just a normal person. Where I sit in the living room and drink my coffee with a cat. Where I am defined by what I chose to walk out, not by what organization I’m a part of. It’s a strange feeling. But at the same time it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. I thought I would feel SO alone. But it’s funny how it turns out, I’m not so alone at all. Especially when I have a cat to keep me company.


(I know I haven’t posted on here in forever. So I guess this is an attempt to keep a little bit of my stream of consciousness online, so that dear friends who are far away and who are better at blogging than I am (you know who you are 😉 ) can see into my life a bit more.)


Till next time,